Fetches proteome data from UniProt for the provided organism ID.

fetch_uniprot_proteome(organism_id, columns = c("id"), reviewed = TRUE)



a numeric value that specifies the NCBI taxonomy identifier (TaxId) for and organism.


a character vector of metadata columns that should be imported from UniProt (all possible columns can be found here: https://www.uniprot.org/help/uniprotkb_column_names). Note: Not more than one or two columns should be selected otherwise the function will not be able to efficiently retrieve the information. If more information is needed, fetch_uniprot() can be used with the IDs retrieved by this function.


a logical value that determines if only reviewed protein entries will be retrieved.


A data frame that contains all protein metadata specified in columns for the organism of choice.


# \donttest{ head(fetch_uniprot_proteome(9606))
#> # A tibble: 6 × 1 #> id #> <chr> #> 1 Q00266 #> 2 Q8NB16 #> 3 O94851 #> 4 Q8TDZ2 #> 5 Q9NPJ6 #> 6 Q8N635
# }